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During recent years, the Malaysian art scene has tremendously grown to be something the country has never seen before.

Hundreds of artworks are transacted each day and it is seen that art auctions would always be filled by art aficionados from Malaysia, and the region.

Art collectors are now spending more than ever, some in the name of passion, others for investments. is an online art gallery based in Malaysia.

We have a selection of hundreds of artworks from some of the best names in Malaysian art industry.

We list artworks by Malaysian artists such as Ibrahim Hussein, Yusof Ghani, Awang Damit, Jehan Chan, Khalil Ibrahim, Khaw Sia, Rafiee Ghani and many more.

Our collection ranges from works by emerging artists, established artists, right up to the Malaysian masters, we offer a selection of artworks that will please any level of collector.

We constantly add new artworks when they become available, so check our STOCKROOM often.

Can’t find what you are looking for? Contact us and we will try our best to source them out for you.

Where do we get our artworks?

Some works are obtained from the artists themselves, but a huge chunk of our stockroom comes from collectors like yourselves who want to list their art collections.


Kami mempunyai beratus pilihan hasil seni dari artis-artis terbaik di Malaysia dalam industri seni.

Kami menyenaraikan hasil seni dari artis Malaysia seperti Ibrahim Hussein, Yusof Ghani, Awang Damit, Jehan Chan, Khalil Ibrahim, Khaw Sia, Rafiee Ghani dan banyak lagi.

Tak dapat cari apa yang anda mahu? Hubungi kami dan kami akan cuba untuk membantu anda.


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Collection of great artworks

No. 1, Jalan Tanjung 8/28, Seksyen 8, Shah Alam, Selangor. MALAYSIA.