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List of cat products in our website consist of dry food, wet food and cat litter, which is suitable for all breeds and age group among cats. Our dry food comes in packs of 500g, 1.4kg, 8kg and 30kg; while our wet food comes in both cans (85g) and pouches (90g). Cat litters are in the form of highly absorbant clumping sands in packs of 5 liter.

List of dog products also consist both dry food and wet food, which is suitable for all dog breeds from different age groups. Dry food are available in packs of 2.9kg, 8kg and 30kg; while wet food is available in 400g cans.


Rangkaian produk untuk kucing kami terdiri daripada makanan kering (dry food), makanan basah (wet food) & pasir tandas (cat litter) yang sesuai untuk semua lapisan umur & baka kucing .Makanan kering terdapat dalam pek 500g,1.4kg, 8kg & 30kg, manakala makanan basah pula terdapat dalam tin 85g & peket kecil 90g. Pasir tandas pula adalah jenis pasir mudah gumpal ‘clumping’ dalam pek 5 liter.

Rangkain produk untuk anjing pula terdiri daripada makanan kering (‘dry food’) & makanan basah (‘wet food’) yang sesuai untuk semua lapisan umur & baka anjing. Makanan kering terdapat dalam pek 2.9kg & 8kg, manakala untuk makanan basah terdapat dalam tin 400g.


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Customer Review

Allif Imran Fazlan

my cat love misha very much. tiptop service . THANKYOU MISHA!😍💕

Rosnah Sidek

5 stars..and thank for the lucky draw..😍

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