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Lipstik organik dari bahan semulajadi.


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Customer Review


3 code shade saya suka..
-Coral Crush
-Peach Tea
The texture is lightweight, non-drying and has a creamy matte finish. BML can treat dry, chapped lips because the ingredients used are real plant oils and butter.


Customer Review in Code PEACH TEA..
Colour: Peachy Orange with a hint of Brown
Bullet Shape: Cat
"Don’t make a mistake by applying Peach Tea on the front side of the bullet. If not you’ll be ruining the cute cat’s face🥺" - Customer Aida

Puan Nana

Customer Review with Code Cupcake 🧁
Our beautiful customer is using BML code Cupcake
Thank you much @itsjustmenana for sharing this with us!!
If you are a person with this tagline:
“My lips but better”
Then cupcake is a must have for you. Plus this colour works well with Dusty Rose, Cherry Pop and Burgundy for ombre lips.

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