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Temyracle is one of the natural products in Malaysia. 6 product range of Teamyracle is perfect for women & men who want to have beautiful skin, glowing, white, acne-free & scars.

Temyracle products are believed to be safe & free from harmful chemicals because the ingredients used are only natural & organic ingredients.
Temyracle products are also certified by the KKM.

Among our products are:

πŸ’ Whitening Body Scrub

πŸ’ Acne Clear Skin Set

πŸ’ Detox Skin Set

πŸ’ Traditional Rice Milk Soap

πŸ’ Coffee Scrub

πŸ’ Peach Face Scrub

πŸ’ Detox Mask

πŸ’ Lip Scrub


Temyracle adalah antara produk natural di Malaysia. 6 rangkaian produk Temyracle sangat sesuai menjadi pilihan wanita & lelaki yang ingin memiliki kulit yang cantik, glowing, putih, bebas jerawat & parut.

Produk Temyracle diyakini selamat & bebas daripada bahan kimia yang merbahaya kerana bahan-bahan yang digunakan hanya bahan yang semulajadi & organik.
Produk Temyracle juga disahkan oleh KKM.

Antara produk kami ialah :

πŸ’ Skrub Pemutih Badan

πŸ’ Set Kulit Bebas Jerawat

πŸ’ Set Kulit Detox

πŸ’ Sabun Susu Beras Tradisional

πŸ’ Skrub Kopi

πŸ’ Skrub Muka Peach

πŸ’ Topeng Detox

πŸ’ Skrub bibir


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Customer Review

Bungai Emas April

It's a very good product.. Natural and organic... Happy to use it as my routine skincare..

Fatin Shafri

Brightening body scrub. Make your skin smooth and moist 😍

Syuhadah Paiezni

bodyscrub dia wangiiii and bestπŸ˜‹

Temyracle Hq No 4415, Jalan Pengkalan Chepa,15400 Kota Bharu, Kelantan