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We can help you harness the power of Unit Trust to grow your wealth and your loved ones.

Private unit trust consultant for the No.1* Unit Trust company in Malaysia.

We remain the “top-of-mind” unit trust brand in Malaysia. Our winnings of the Reader’s Digest Trusted Brand Platinum Award for 12 consecutive years (after winning the Gold award from 2006 – 2009) as well as The BrandLaureate award for thirteen consecutive years is an affirmation of our strong brand presence.

We have a strong network of distribution through a group of dedicated and dynamic unit trust consultants (UTCs), which is the largest and collectively most productive in the entire private unit trust industry.

We are also supported by 31 customer service centres/branches nationwide.

We manage 156 unit trust funds, 4 wholesale funds and 9 PRS funds with a total NAV of more than RM100 billion^.

We are also an approved Private Retirement Scheme (PRS) provider.


Kami dapat membantu anda memanfaatkan kekuatan Unit Trust untuk mengembangkan kekayaan dan orang tersayang.

Perunding unit amanah swasta untuk syarikat Unit Amanah No.1 * di Malaysia.

Kami kekal sebagai jenama unit amanah “top-mind-mind” di Malaysia. Kemenangan kami dari Reader’s Digest Trusted Brand Platinum Award selama 12 tahun berturut-turut (setelah memenangi anugerah Emas dari 2006 – 2009) dan juga The BrandLaureate untuk tiga belas tahun berturut-turut adalah penegasan kehadiran jenama kami yang kuat.

Kami mempunyai rangkaian pengedaran yang kuat melalui sekumpulan perunding unit amanah (UTC) yang berdedikasi dan dinamik, yang merupakan yang terbesar dan kolektif paling produktif di seluruh industri unit amanah swasta.

Kami juga disokong oleh 31 pusat / cawangan perkhidmatan pelanggan di seluruh negara.

Kami menguruskan 156 dana unit amanah, 4 dana borong dan 9 dana PRS dengan jumlah NAB lebih daripada RM100 bilion ^.

Kami juga penyedia Skim Persaraan Swasta (PRS) yang diluluskan.


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Job Title: Partnership
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Always up of partnership

Contact No: +60164869524


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Customer Review

Lekshman Subramaniam

The best platform to gain tips and trick on how to invest safely and confidently. Provides top-notch, detailed consultation for those who are new to the investment field. Don’t worry about investment-specific terminologies as Dark Knight Finances lays it all down in layman terms, so that we can understand what’s actually happening to our investments. Would totally recommend Dark Knight Finances if you’re interested in making the leap into investments.

Cheong Zhe Yoing

A very good and informative financial planner who knows his stuffs. A very nice platform to start knowing more on how to be more financially literate and plan your finances accordingly. Especially on these hard time.

Mimi Znddn

Unit trust has given me a great start into investing. And having a knowledgeable agent like Thiban is very very important.

No 28, 30, 32, Lorong Batu Nilam 3b, Bandar Bukit Tinggi, 41200 Klang, Selangor.

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Everyday : 8.30 am - 12.01 am

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