Parkscape Concept Sdn Bhd

Inspire the World through Joy, Laughter, Fun and Play!


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As a playground company, we strongly believe that play is more than just an essential for every children.

Play is an important substance that uses the fun factor, to build up the foundation of creativity, imagination, emotion and the development of basic needs.

But without safety, what’s fun?

To achieve carefree-play, safety is crucial.

That is why our company is based on a one-stop concept that has mastered the art of combining, play, safety and nature, (reflecting on our playgrounds, safety rubber flooring and landscaping) based on more than a decade of experience.

How convenient is that?

At Parkscape, we go out of our way to design our products tailored to our clients’ needs.

Based on many years of experience, Parkscape is constantly improving, striving to be one of the best in the market, offering our clients great products that meet their safety requirement at great prices, giving more people to enjoy the privilege of worry-free play.

Our Vision & Objective

Our aim is to inspire the world through joy, laughter, fun and PLAY!

Throughout the years, we have educated and still keen in educating all generations through our park and playground concepts.

It is proven that the most effective way a child can learn and develop essential skills through play.

At Parkscape, we have mastered the art of combining play, safety and nature, (reflecting on our playgrounds, safety rubber flooring and landscaping) based on more than a decade of experience to ensure proper worry-free play.

Our goal is to bring people together; creating stronger bonds between family members and friends; generating healthier lifestyles and sustaining greenery at the same time.

We are still working on and looking forward to making the world a more fun, joyful and safe place to live in and we want you to be part of this too!


* Children Play-system
* Playground Equipment
* Outdoor Inter Generation Fitness Equipment
* Senior Citizen Exercise Equipment
* Sport Equipment
* Impact Absorbent Rubber Flooring
* EPDM Flooring
* Hard Landscape Contractor

Products we offer :

1) ISAAC play system
— full rubberised play system

— modular play system

— theme play system

— signature play system

— gym & fitness equipment
— back extension station
— waist & back massaging station
— wister station
— torso swing station
— swaging station
— stretching wheel station
— space walker station
— shoulder dynamic station
— leg press station
— leg pulldown station
— horse rider station
— handle boat station
— elliptical work station
— circumvolving station
— chin up station
— chest press station

— independent item (see-saw, swing, rider)

— par courses

— outdoor gym

2) Rubflex
— square tiles
— v-interlock mat
— hexagon tile

3) Landscape contractor


Sebagai syarikat taman permainan, kami sangat percaya yang bermain adalah lebih daripada keperluan kepada kanak-kanak.

Bermain adalah sesuatu yang penting yang menggunakan faktor keseronokan untuk membina asas kreativiti, imaginasi, emosi dan pembangunan keperluan asas.

Tetapi tanpa keselamatan, apalah keseronokan?

Untuk mencapai bermain tanpa kerisauan, keselamatan adalah penting.

Di Parkscape, kami bertungkus-lumus untuk menghasilkan rekaan produk yang memenuhi keperluan klien kami.

Berdasarkan kepada pengalaman bertahun-tahun, Parkscape sentiasa memperbaiki servis kami, berusaha untuk menjadi yang terbaik di pasaran, memberikan kepada klien kami produk-produk hebat yang memenuhi keperluan keselamatan pada harga hebat, memberikan kepada orang ramai keistimewaan bermain tanpa risau.

Kami Pakar Dalam :
– sistem permainan kanak-kanak
– kelengkapan taman permainan
– kelengkapan kecergasan luaran antara generasi
– kelengkapan senaman warga emas
– kelengkapan sukan
– kontraktor landskap


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