How to Take Care of Your Smartphone

Without a doubt, smartphone has become a part of our life nowadays. Even a small kid will probably has one especially now online learning is more prominent.

Obviously a smartphone is not cheap. Thus in this blog post we will teach you ways to take care of your smartphone so that it will keep chugging along for years to come.

1. Get a case
The number one thing you should do when you get a new phone is to protect its body.

You can do so by using a phone case for your phone.

A case will prevent your phone from getting scratched easily.

It’s more common now that phone makers use slippery material like glass and metal to use as phone main body material.

As such, the owner needs to be extra careful when handling the gadget as to not make it slips from their hand.

Easiest way to prevent this mishap is to use a phone case. Fortunately phone makers now include one in their packaging.

2. Put on screen protector
The second thing you should do right after you get your brand new smartphone is to put on a screen protector on top of its screen.

Like the name implies, the screen protector protects your device screen from unwanted scratches.

Remember, once your phone screen got scratches, you can’t undo it. It will stay on the screen forever – the one place where you’d stare majority of the time.


3. Avoid water and extreme temperature
Although smartphones nowadays have water resistant certification especially on flagship models, for the one that don’t have it, you must be extra vigilant not to dip your phone in water.

Furthermore, you shouldn’t expose your phone to extreme temperature as they are not designed to function in that situation.

4. Assess your app library
Some phone manufacturers put unnecessary apps or bloatware on their phone.

These apps not only take up storage space but also probably will affect your phone performance albeit not that much.

It’s also possible that this apps will run in the background and eat up your battery life.

So we recommend that you disable or uninstall unused and unwanted apps to keep your phone functioning optimally.

Also don’t forget to always check for update for your apps from time to time as the update will probably comes with new features, security fixes etc.


5. Other recommended practices you should do
– restart your phone from time to time
– lock your phone using pin, face unlock, fingerprint or any other methods
– avoid using your phone while it’s charging

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