Introducing Our Lucrative Xpresszoom Affiliate Program!

In this challenging time, everyone of us should have created their own side income to supplement their income.

You can start an offline business such as food delivery, car wash and what not but as we all know, now is not the right time to go out of our house regularly because of the current pandemic.

So what option do we have left?

Online side income to the rescue!

There are a lot of ways to make money online but one of the most easy and lucrative one is through affiliate marketing.

On that note, we at Xpresszoom also have our own affiliate marketing program for the public to join.

Our program offers 50% commission from the premium business listing registration. That translates to RM 100 per listing!

Honestly that amount is a lot for a product that will help businesses make a presence online.

And did we mention that it is a perpetual commission?

Yes! Our affiliate will continue to receive their commission if the listings registered using their affiliate id get renewed every year.

Let’s do some simple calculation shall we.

Let’s say there are 2,000 registered premium listings under your name, if they all renew their listing every year, that will amount to RM 200,000 per year!

Interested to learn more about our program? Head over to Xpresszoom Affiliate Program Introduction now.

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